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Provides a list of all foodsaver related stores and the next picks status.

Path Parameters
  • userId string required
Query Parameters
  • activeStores integer

    Possible values: [0, 1]

    filter unactive stores (e.g. store that do not cooperate)?



Schema array
  • id int64
  • name The name of the store.
  • isManaging The member is a store manager for this store.
  • membershipStatus Indicates the kind of membership for foodsaver is for this store.

    Possible values: [0, 1, 2]

    • '0' - A store team request open, but not applied.
    • '1' - In regular member of the store team.
    • '2' - Is a inactive/standby/jumper member of the store team (This members have restricted access to store ressources and can interact only with store manager)
  • pickupStatus Indicator about the next open pickup for the store.

    Possible values: [0, 1, 2, 3, null]

    Is only avialable for regular members.

    • '0' - Pick up with free slot is in future
    • '1' - Next pick up with free slots is in 5 days
    • '2' - Next pick up with free slots is 1-4 days
    • '3' - Next pick up with free slots is today days
    • null - No provided pick up information for this membership status