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Creates a new store.‚Äč

This method creates a new store. The store will initial contains the provided information. Additional the platform will prepare the chat channels for team and sprinters.

The calling user is added as first store responsible in the store team. You can add an initial first post on the store wall for all following members.

After creation the platform informs all members of the related region about the new store.

Path Parameters
  • regionId string required
Request Body
  • store object required

  • name Name of the store. required

    Possible values: <= 120 characters

  • location object required

  • lat float
  • lon float
  • street Street name with street number. required

    Possible values: <= 120 characters

  • zipCode Zip code. required

    Possible values: <= 5 characters

  • city City name. required

    Possible values: <= 50 characters

  • publicInfo Public information about the store which is visible for users which are looking for a store. required

    Possible values: <= 200 characters

  • firstPost Optional first comment in store wall of the new store.

    Possible values: <= 180 characters


Created the new store and informed region members provides

  • id The unique identifier of the store.