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Version: 2022-05__Heidelbeere


This page describes broadly how PHP is used in our project:

For more specific explanations of the types of classes we use, make sure to check PHP Structure!

Main entry point

The main entry point for the web is /index.php. That means that /index.php gets called whenever a gets sent to the website.

Another entry point is xhr.php, which is used for routes starting with These are used for our legacy API (see Xhr). The same applies for xhrapp.php.

These three entry points are now just standard Symfony entry points. The relevant (custom) code has been moved to src/Entrypoint, where three respective controllers do the actual work. For the IndexController, a large part of the code has been moved to src/EventSubscriber/RenderControllerSetupSubscriber.php.

The fourth entry point is restApi.php, which will be used whenever a URL starting with is requested. This is the route to our modern API following REST principles (see REST-API). It is also a standard Symfony entry point.