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We want the code to be free from German-specific texts to enable non-German speakers to use the site and to make it easier for groups in other countries to use the code. Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet, but a lot of progress has been made and the remaining hardcoded strings are indicative of obvious legacy code.

We use the Symfony TranslatorInterface to replace translation keys (given in code) with their translated values. Translations are read from files in YAML format: for German that would be /translations/ Aside from those German strings, there are four mail ways in which fixed text on the website can be given in the source code with our translation mechanisms:

In PHP frontend/view code‚Äč

Classes derived from Control and View already contain the TranslatorInterface, which is accessible as $this->translator, and its trans() function that resolves translation keys.
Other helpers are including it like this:

use Symfony\Contracts\Translation\TranslatorInterface;
// instantiate or inject (usually autowired)
$this->translator->trans('fsp.acceptName', ['{name}' => $foodSharePoint['name']])