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We want to continue refactoring the codebase. This will lead to code which is more modular, easier to maintain and clearer. A lot is explained in the book "Modernizing Legacy Applications In PHP" (mentioned here in more detail)

There is an overview issue with a checklist.

If you have an idea for a new refactoring concept, please think, before implementing, if this would increase the work for others :).


Currently, we use three different ways for the front-end code.

The oldest one is in the View files, in which php functions build the HTML and JavaScript code of the website.

If you refactor something or want to make something new, please use vue.js

There are also twig templates used.

It is not necessary to refactor these solely for the purpose of refactoring, but if you try to fix something in an old file, it would be great to refactor it to vue.js then. If you are making a new front-end page, you should definitivly use vue.js.


Request handling is explained in the here and more about Rest API endpoints can be found here.


Helper classes could be used to put some functions unorganized there. Please think about if there might not be a better class to put it. Some parts might be better in Service classes. (If in doubt, please ask the team.)

Database Access

Currently there are SQL statements in *Model classes, in XhrMethods and in *Gateway classes. More information can be found here.

Issue #9 tracks the refactor procress of moving everything to *Gateway classes.